New features we’re most excited for!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since we launched. It’s been an amazing journey, taking us from BlogTO to the CBC and across the GTA to over dozens of grocery stores. We’re in talks with regional Grocery Banners across Canada to discover new and exciting ways to bring Aisle Magic to Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

While we’ve been quiet, it’s because we’ve been hard at work to bring you the next version of Aisle Magic. We’ve listened to you and heard that you love Aisle Magic, but want more. We’re excited to unveil a sneak peak at what’s to come in the next month. If you’re already part of our Beta program, you might see some of these features sooner! If you haven’t yet joined, I encourage you to if you’re feeling adventurous. Ok, so here are the top features of Aisle Magic 1.1!

  1. List sharing: We understand that sometimes you like you shop with a friend or spouse, to save even more time buying your groceries. That’s why we’re working on the ability to share lists, login to save data, and sync your lists across devices.
  2. Setting a default store: The majority of time, most of us shop at the same grocery store, so it doesn’t make sense to have to select the same store each time you create a list. We’re enabling the ability to set a favourite store so you can jump right into adding items.
  3. Adding all major Toronto grocery stores: This is a big one. We tested at 40 No Frills, and are ready to expand to every major Grocery chain in Toronto. We’re already hard at work gathering the right data and making sure it’s accurate. Stay tuned for more information on which brands we’re adding!
  4. Voice input: Some of you mentioned that you like to talk to your phone. We think it’s a great way to add items you don’t even know how to spell (except for Gnocchi, we all know how to spell that, right?). Also, it’s quicker than typing, although you can still use AutoComplete or choose items from a list.
  5. Bug fixes: We’re also rigorously testing v1.1 to make sure it’s as bug free as possible. We’re testing on more devices and operating systems to bring you an even smoother experience.

We’re excited about what’s to come. If you want to see other things added to Aisle Magic, hit us up in the comments, or send us an e-mail. We’d be happy to hear from you. Until then, enjoy your summer and we’ll be in touch soon!


Founder of Aisle Magic Inc., with over a decade of experience working in the Canadian retail and banking industry on building amazing data-driven client experiences. Always looking for ways to make our lives easier using technology.

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